30 Day Fast Track

The next 30 Day Fast Track date is yet to be determined I will give you plenty of notice.

Here's what some of my students had to say about the 30 Day Fast Track

Your 30 Day Fast Track program is one of the best real estate mentoring programs if not the Best!    I found your training material to be very informative and well presented.  Plus, you were personally always there for me with timely responses to any of my questions.  What a tremendous value to having your knowledge and experience available at such a reasonable price.  

Ben Lerma

If you really want to get to where you want to go and learn all the creative ways to get your business booming, Joe's fast track is exactly what you need. Not only does this group share some cool strategies,  it's really neat hearing what others in the group are doing so you can compete and/or help others. Very topic specific; and not only that, Joe speaks motivational points throughout the training that picks you up and pushes you if you are feeling like you lost your way. Show up, hold yourself to a high standard, and contact as many sellers as you can.  This fast track program is meant to get you performing to where you need to be to succeed in this business. Look no further! Thank you for everything Joe! I am a student for life!!


Brad Rodenbough

The Fast Track and Joe Bodek are the two best things that has happened for me in my real estate investing career. I learned in weeks what it took in months from other programs. The Fast Track is truly what it is, a fast track. You will be able to have a legitimate real estate business up and running in the next 30 days. All you have to do is follow the instructions, do what what is ask of you to do for the week and stick with the plan.  Just like painting by numbers when were little.


 Also group calls and accountability makes this a no brainer choice. Being able the ask questions and having a coach there the answer them, eliminates any hesitancy or procrastination you may have. Lastly, coming from someone on a tight budget. I have  not be able to find a better mentor or action plan at this price or level. 


Brian Doneghy

Joining your fast track really lit a fire under my butt to get some deals going. Although I haven’t been in attendance on Tuesdays I’ve been watching the replays and also Ayo’s interview videos on your channel. I have attached my 1st wholesale check...also I have 4 other deals sold and just waiting on the title company (which sounds unbelievable)!!!!!  Thank you, Joe for everything you are literally out here changing lives. I’ll be in touch to get some of these lease option deals as well. 


Brittany Isse

My name is Chris Andrews and I’m a former student of the 30 Day Fast Track system.  I found Joe’s course to be all steak. He doesn’t hold anything back and makes you accountable for your own results. He gives you the straight truth and doesn’t sugar coat things. His level of expertise in the real estate investing world is unquestioned but more importantly he genuinely wants his student to succeed and his no nonsense approach makes it all possible. If you are looking for a mentor that will take you from A-Z without leaving anything out while pushing you out of your comfort zone, Joe is your guy


Thanks Joe for everything.”


Chris Andrews

Pasadena, California

Joe Bodek's  Fast Track program was such a great step to building my business.  Joe uses his 40+ years of real estate experience to help students at an level they are in.  I am a beginner and his knowledge, accessibility and accountability was instrumental in taking me to the next level.  He is available to his students to help guide and answer questions.  Fast Track does an amazing job of keeping your business moving in a positive direction.  I would recommend Joe Bodek's program to anyone at any level. 


`Dianna Gronda

I just wanted to say I have enjoyed your fast track course, it has been great at keeping me motivated and accountable.  During the 4 weeks I have put 4 properties under contract, I do rehabs and 3 of the 4 were for rehabs.  Today I finally got my first Sandwich Lease Option under contract!  If people follow your training and work with you they CAN make it happen.  Thanks for the mentoring!


Ed Register