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Hey Joseph, so here is the breakdown of the deal. After doing a Lease Option with this owner back in October 2018, The seller mention another property that she owns that she didn’t want located in Chester PA. After reviewing the property we agreed to a purchase price of $8000 and I sent her a contract via Doc you sign. Once she signed it I immediately went to work and posted my deal for sale on Facebook marketplace and craigslist and my phone wouldn’t stop vibrating from the sheer volume of interest for the property.


I advertise my contract for $15,000 and was able to get it for $24,000 instead. Even though someone offered me $28,000 for my contract I told him I already shook hands with the buyers who agreed to the $24,000 price. I collected $4000 EMD from the buyers on the first Friday of February and we just closed on this last week Thursday. I currently have two more properties under contract and pending for closing. Thanks for your content for being reachable and making this whole understanding of wholesaling and lease-option so much easier. I couldn’t of done this without you thank you Joseph.


Ayodeji O. Kuponiyi
Principal & Investor
A&K Investment Ventures, LLC


Hey, guys if you want to get involved in real estate and really dive in and learn, this is the program for you. Joe not only gives great advice but makes us accountable for our behaviours which is important because our behaviours are what lead to deals. Before this program, I did not even have the confidence to email anyone because I did not know what I was doing. Joe changed all that for me, he helped me gain the confidence and the accountability I needed to take action. He told me to keep pushing and now I have made connections with other wholesalers and relationships with cash buyers. 30 days before this I could not say that now I can, thanks to Joe's one on one mentoring program.


-Shanara Mack 

Hello Joe

I just finished the wholesaling course and I have to say that I just couldn’t believe how clear and straight to the point it was. I thought these courses were long and drawn out ….didnt realize each topic was less then ten minutes. I learned so much in a short amount of time…amazing! and I’m ready to apply wholesaling this week.

Also, I’ll be starting the Lease Option course right after your 8pm webinar….and will try to finish it by this weekend so I could start taking action. Thanks so much for what you do for the students! I feel more motivated and more confident with your teaching.

Mary B

I was wanting also to tell you a short story you may enjoy.  I am currently an investment banker working for a firm negotiating transactions worth millions, but I used to be full time L/O guy.  That was 13 years ago.  I am RUSTY… I have bought every course on the subject from every “guru” I could find, and yours is hands down the best, most complete, and simple to understand and use of them all.  I really appreciate it.  You being ‘available’ is a real blessing as well.  Your mentoring is meaning alot in my life right now, as I am attempting to get this up and going again, for freedom from the firm’s sake…

Here’s to you… grateful.



I was dreaming of, and praying for a Joe Bodek, for a long, long time. I was sure it made sense. You provide the very best product, out there, bar none. Second best is way back. That is about value.


Frank Carney

Hi Joe:

I just wanted to send you a quick Thank You. After you gave me the ‘ok’ to try to go for a lease option of my own, I did contact the owners and got them to agree to it. I will move in next month and I can’t wait. I would not have actually gone for it had you told me it couldn’t be done… So thank you for the advice… Glad I listened to you! 



We at Just for You Homes regard Joe Bodek’s system as second to none especially for the novice investor. We attended many real estate seminars and implemented several systems before we were introduced to Joe. Joe’s manual and videos gives the investor a step up step method to real estate investment for both rent to own agreements and wholesaling property. Joe actually instructs his students in closings while he closes the first five deals. We highly recommend Joe’s system to equip an investor to succeed in the real estate business.

Lumumba Brown “LB”

Malik Bey

Managing Partners

Just for You Homes

“Finally, a mentor I can afford to work with. He is easy to learn from.”

Lori Hagen

Sept 12, 2015

Hi Joe I enjoy your emails, I purchased your program back in late march of this year, I read the manual and started putting everything into action, the marketing is very the key. Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that the program works, if you put in the time and take action.. I work in central Iowa Market……….John Hoening There’s definitely a market.

Thanks for doing your mentorship program Joe. You’re the only one out there that I found doing a “earn while you learn” program. I’m very grateful.

Drew TN

I bought Joe’s material regarding lease optioning back at the end of June 2013.  Read it a couple times as he had suggested and let it sink in over the 4th of July holiday.  I started the following week sending out emails… However, that was quickly becoming something that I wasn’t enjoying and was too demanding of my time.  I spoke with Joe about this and he said to get a Virtual Assistant.  About the middle of July, I was responding to about 10 emails a day of people that were interested in learning more about my (and my partner, Joe) services.  The VA was a big help in creating these leads for me.  By the beginning of August, we locked up one contract and shortly after, we got our second contract signed.  Then came the other side of the deal.  By the first week of September, my first house had 3 applications and folks capable of completing the deal.  Everything was finalized and I collected my first check for $5,000 by mid September.  All of this was possible because I listened to Joe every step of the way.  We were in touch multiple times a week and he quickly returned calls even when I would try contacting him at odd hours.  I just listened and didn’t try to reinvent something that already was worked for him.  He said get a VA, I got a VA. He said keep the ads going every day online, I re-posted everything every day. He said hang in there you’ll get your first deal done, I hung in there and we completed a deal within about 2 months.  What he says is legitimate and worth listening to and practicing exactly as he teaches.  I’d recommend him to anyone that is serious about trying to create a real estate business without knowing much to begin with (but only if they are serious, you must take put forth the effort).  I have no history in real estate, studied his material, executed his plan and received the benefits.  I still have a full time job (usually 50-60 hrs a week) and I am still able to do this by only working 1-2 hours a day (sometimes making calls during my lunch or in the car on the way home from work and even recently worked from the airport while waiting during a business trip).  Thanks for everything, Joe!

John W. Western PA

Hello Joe

I have learned so much from the book that I purchased from you and am very thankful. Since then I have been able to put 8 properties under contract in two weeks using your techniques taught in your ebook. I was also invited to interview on a local radio show, I have been very busy plus I have two brokers sending me buyers in exchange for a referral fee.  I am very excited about everything going on the properties are still in the process of selling, but I know that with consistent marketing they will sell.

Best Regards,

Jesse NV

” Real quick. My name is Jerome, 21 years old, full time college student all year round and I got to say that running into Joe was a Godsend. I’ve been interested in real estate since age 17, and I had tried making money on my own in it for 5 years as an unlicensed note broker and a bird dog for rehabbers. Forget getting a payday and I never could get a darn thing under contract! On the fifth year I surrendered to the fact I couldn’t do this on my own. I found Joe on linkedin and he was by far the cheapest with a great mentorship plan. I thought it was a scam to be honest, but I’ve worked with Joe anyway back in January of 2013 and in June of 2013 I had a deal under contract. 5 months to a Deal! Compared to 5 years wanting to do it alone. There is obviously Magic in having a Mentor. I want to and I do encourage everyone to partner up with Joe,  His 40 years of experience is no joke! I ask for his “war stories” in real estate often and learn a ton. He is the real deal and an Excellent Mentor. I’m very grateful.”

You won’t go wrong by working with Joe as your mentor. His willingness to get on the phone with you and speak to you “personally” is priceless. I searched for a long time to find someone like Joe. His material and methods are to the point, clearly written and easy to follow! And he follows  it all up with weekly video training as well. All you have to do is learn the material, market yourself, and as Joe says “go out there, find a deal and make some money.” Give him a call you won’t regret it!

Tom Saccente

“I would highly recommend Joe & his Wholesale Lease Option mentor program for your consideration.

He has been very helpful in getting me focused on the activities that bring in deals & will put $ in my pocket.

The real asset he has is when he sits down & discusses the Lease Option with the prospective seller-  you can’t get that real life experience in a book or video.

Those decades of knowledge helps to get newbies like me the credibility to succeed quicker with less roadblocks & discouragements.

The way to learn this business is having conversations with sellers- that is what he encourages us to do.

He will walk you through the other details when needed, just get sellers in front of him & look out!!

Thanks Joe for all your help

Brett Wininger

Evansville, Indiana”

You won’t go wrong by working with Joe as your mentor. His willingness to get on the phone with you and speak to you “personally” is priceless. I searched for a long time to find someone like Joe. His material and methods are to the point, clearly written and easy to follow! And he follows  it all up with weekly video training as well. All you have to do is learn the material, market yourself, and as Joe says “go out there, find a deal and make some money.” Give him a call you won’t regret it!

Tom Saccente

“Joe Bodek’s course materials and his prompt and thorough responses to questions have been indispensable in the development of my Lease Option/Wholesaling business”  – Ben R., West Chester PA

Hi Joe.  I would like to take a minute to thank you for taking me on as a student and mentoring me.  I have been in real estate for a while but I have never been able to do very much in creative real estate. Having you as a mentor has been priceless, the 3 way calls have been priceless!  I love hearing you in action, so cool!  Thanks again! Patrick NC

I started working with Joe about 2 months ago, He has been very involved in my learning the ins and outs of lease options, whenever I need a question answered I either called or emailed him and he has responded very quickly.

I am very satisfied with his method of teaching, currently we have a deal in the works and as soon as the seller signs the contract it will be my fist deal!

I would recommend anyone who wants to learn real estate investing to work with Joe Bodek.

Thank you

Willie Morales.

I ran across Joe’s lease option website from a link posted somewhere on the Internet and what originally attracted me was that he indicated mentoring on his site to help get you started on at least the first 5 properties and splitting profits 50/50.  The manual was another kicker for me at under $100 it really was a bargain finders delight.  I’ve been to many seminars finding that these gurus charge thousands of dollars for a course, which I am not able to attend as I don’t have thousands to give up.

After reviewing the website and watching the intro video, I found that Joe also posts his email and phone number so that you can contact him for information.  I sent him a few emails about the course and got immediate responses and I was like WOW!!!  This person is real and genuine.  He really honestly is putting his time out for his students.  So I decided to take the plunge and ordered the course.

Now about 2 weeks in, I have read the manual which is very short and called Joe up to help get me started.  Having completed the manual, I decided to call Joe as he indicated in his previous email and it was about half an hour to when he stops taking calls, he answered the phone just as he said he would, which again I was thoroughly impressed, because frankly, how many self professed gurus would take calls or emails directly from their students?  My main question and concern to Joe was that I lived in Hawaii and living here as most people living here will know is that Hawaii is a very tight market and lease options are rare, like finding a needle in a haystack due to the high costs of homes here.  In the manual the main focus for me was wholesale lease options, which I can work from a distance without being there physically, exactly what I needed.  Joe reassured me that this can be done and gave me some pointers on what I needed to do to get started and I was off.

Now 2 weeks in, I have been working at this using craigslist as Joe indicated and have been getting responses.  I still haven’t gotten a property under contract yet, but with Joe’s support, I feel that I will very shortly be getting one or a few and the main reason why me and everyone wanting to do this is money in the bank and another income stream outside of my current job, with the ability to leave my job to go full time in the future.

To Joe, just a very big THANK YOU to you for offering your experience, time and hand holding support to a newbie like me and all others who have discovered your course.  I look forward to getting a few properties under contract soon and start my real estate investing career.

Warmest regards,

Libert Young

Honolulu, HI

I tried creative real estate investing about 10 years ago.  At that time I did not know how to handle all of the leads that came in.  In this business you have to be a transaction engineer.  That is the great thing about Joe’s mentoring program.  With his 40+ years of experience I know that no matter what deal comes across my desk he will know how to handle it appropriately.

The other reason why I recommend Joe’s mentoring program is because he always responds to e-mails and phone calls promptly.  With other mentoring programs you only get to talk to the mentor once a week or through e-mail.  Also, most of the other so called mentors have only been in the business a few years.  They’ve done a few deals and label themselves an expert.  They could not possibly be an expert, because they have not had the opportunity to manage the ups and downs of the real estate market.  To top it all off, those other mentoring programs charge you thousands of dollars for minimal knowledge,  limited real transaction experience, and no deals.

Lastly, I like the weekly mentoring videos.  They keep me motivated and provides me with quick tips to help me succeed.

In order to be a successful real estate investor you must have a mentor.  I am glad that I found Joe and I am looking forward to making money together and learning from his vast knowledge.

Rhonda  FLA

A friend of mine at work told me about a guy who came and took their home “off their hands” so they could start out in another home and not have to wait for the old home to sell.  So basically she would receive a check every month to cover the mortgage on that home and there were renters in the home who were leasing the home to own it.  This situation sounded exactly what I needed.

I contacted Bodek Enterprises LLC. and had the privilege of meeting Joe Bodek.  Right from the beginning, he told me that he could definitely find renters for my home, and he said that these renters had to put a large down payment with the hopes of buying the home when their finances, credit, etc. were in order.  He told me that renters who were leasing to own treated the homes extremely well, and we would not have to worry about the horrors of a renter not caring for the home.  We signed an agreement that we would have the mortgage payment every month, and that Joe would only contact us for concerns with the house if they were over a certain amount.  Joe was more than true to his word.  He was a pleasure to work with.  He always kept things calm, and I knew that he would handle whatever came up in an honest and professional manner.

Everything seemed almost too good to be true. Bodek Enterprises met an immediate need for me at the time.  I was able to move into my new home without the concerns of where the mortgage payment would come from for the old home and without having to worry about interviewing renters and fixing problems in the home.  There were a few times where one renter would not be able to go through with the lease to own, and Joe would always have another renter in the home, and all the while I continued to get my monthly mortgage payments all the way up until my home was sold.  Signing an agreement with  Bodek Enterprises was a very good decision.  I would recommend them to anyone who has a home that will not sell fast enough or wants to move on quickly without dealing with the sometimes difficult real estate market.

Laura Taddei

Joe, well said. I happen to be caught smack dab in the middle of the Tech Explosion and have made a good deal of money by embracing it and using it to my advantage. But… I agree with you 100% about the old days when we didn’t have cell phones and we had to go up to a house and knock on the door to see what the situation is. Technology has been great for somethings not so good for others… I really feel you when you talk about talking to one another and how technology has challenged communications instead of fostering it. It’s true, how many sites can be created while maintaining the integrity of the service? I joined your program to learn about lease options and I guarantee that I will be sucessful with it because I have an Old School Work ethic, meaning, when you put in a smart days work, you get results and the feeling of accomplishment by doing good work and helping people solve problems at home! Joe, your right on track and I’m with you 100% Mark Van Dyke, The Virtual Wholesaler and Probate Cowboy.

Dear Joe,

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude in the way in which you handled the lease purchase and subsequent sale of my property in Pennsylvania.

As you know, four years ago, I had re-located to another state and my home in Folcroft became a property that you managed as a lease/purchase option. After about 3 1/2 years, I made the decision to sell the property and within 2 months, you had researched, marketed, sold the property and represented my interests at settlement.

Through your professionalism and high standards, all of this was done efficiently and expertly, with constant communication throughout the processes.

Thank you for your advice, advocacy and efficient skills in managing my property. Best of luck with all your future ventures.


Elizabeth C. Bixler

Hi Joe,

I want to thank you for the quick help you provided. After trying to sell our house the conventional way for 10 months, your approach seemed worth a try.

I was really happy everything went so well, and that we found tenants/buyers so quickly.

Just a handful emails and one phone call in which you explained everything to me, and the house was in new hands after just 4 weeks.

For me, it was great that even over the long distance (as we are living overseas) it was easy to reach you and that you provided feedback quickly to all questions we had.

I will definitely recommend you to others who want to sell their home, but are not able to because of the current real estate market.  Given the horrendous realtor fees, this might be the better solution anyway.



March 19, 2013

Thanks for all you have done for my family.  We were in a tough spot and needed to get our house under a lease purchase contract ASAP.  You got us a qualified prospect in less then 1 month and I am now in the process of moving my family to NJ, where I currently work.  Great Job!!

Thank you,

Dana Adams

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