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Dear Fellow Investor:

If you’ve been struggling to get your first deal done or are a seasoned pro looking to expand you income I’m sure you’re aware there’s no better way to get the job done than by being mentored by a seasoned pro. In my Mentoring Programs I’ll walk you through the deals from beginning to end and guide you through the mine fields that life puts in your way!

Joe Bodek

  I Want To Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

If you’ve been struggling to get your first deal done or are a seasoned pro looking to expand your income I’m sure you’re aware there’s no better way to get the job done than by being mentored by a seasoned pro.

The problem as I see it, and I think you’ll agree, is when you look for that mentor to get you where you want to go all you find is sticker shock.

If you’ve been looking for a mentor and all you’re finding out there is real estate mentors asking for $5,000, $10,000 or more in up front money I think there’s a better way and it comes in my revolutionary programs that will allow you to earn income while you are learning.

How would you like to have a mentor by your side to walk you through deals from beginning to end for less than a night out to dinner and a movie?

Before I show you how I can do this for such a small up front investment let me tell you some of the things my mentoring program includes.

 Access to my membership site includes:

  • One-On-One Mentoring.

I will walk you through the deals personally from start to finish

  • Complete manuals:

Depending on your choice of programs you’ll get the lease option manual which covers both sandwich lease options and wholesale lease options or the wholesale manual. If you choose both programs you’ll receive both manuals.

  •  Videos:

Both manuals broken down chapter by chapter and done in video.

My tip for the day weekly video updates covering student questions and my personal insights designed to get you making money quickly.

Comments Section:

Getting support both from your coach and your team is a critical part of your success. There are opportunities to ask questions or leave comments at the end of every coaching lesson, and I monitor and respond every day.

So how can I revolutionize real estate mentoring and provide quality coaching from a 50 year veteran without you suffering from sticker shock!

Well, instead of asking for $10,000 up front and telling you I’ll speak with you every Tuesday I’ll teach you how to master Lease Options and/or Wholesaling one deal at a time and my fee will be equal to 50% of your profit in the deal and that’s how you’ll earn income while you are learning and I’ll be paid for my services. If I can’t get you making money I don’t get my fee. I have a financial interest in seeing you succeed. It’s called a win-win. I’ll advise you on as many deals as you want for as long as you want all for less than a night out.

All you have to do is make one payment of $97.00, $169.00 or $249.00 depending on what programs you want upfront and become a member of my mentoring membership site for $25.00 per month. So if you sign up today you’ll only pay the sign up fee of $97.00, $169.00 or $249.00 depending on what programs you want. Next month you’ll pay only $25.00 for your membership fee and $25.00 per month thereafter for as long as you want my mentoring and access to the membership site. As long as you are a member of my mentoring membership site I’ll walk you through deals and answer any real estate questions you have.


So for about $0.83 per day I’ll be there to walk you through the mine fields and answer any questions you have. You’ll have the answer man on call every day for less than the price of your favorite candy bar! You can cancel your membership and my mentoring whenever you wish.

I put this program together knowing that things are tough out there and huge Mentor Fees prevent a lot of good people from being able to get ahead and change their lives. Here’s your chance to change your life without going into sticker shock over some outrageous up front Mentoring FEE and earn income while you are learning!

like I said I’m making you an offer you can’t refuse!

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Learn In My Membership Site:

How to control properties for $10.00 without ownership!

How to take advantage of the leads you’re currently throwing away and turn them into deals!

How to create three separate pay days from one Lease Option deal!

How to create residual income that lasts for years!

How to work with the millions of properties out there with little, no or negative equity!

Which contract to use for which type of Lease Option deal!

How to determine a suspect from a prospect in less than 3 minutes!

How to find tons of leads on the cheap or for FREE!

How to do Wholesale Lease Options!

How to use your laptop and a phone to do all the Lease Options deals you want anywhere in the country!

How to build a buyers list in one day.

I can’t list everything you’ll learn but I’ll mentor you on a one on one basis until you’re ready to go out on your own.


This program is designed to fit your needs it is not a cookie cutter GURU boot camp!


Best of all you don’t have to come out of pocket with Thousands of Dollars to get access to my 45 years of experience.

Actually you’ll be earning income while you are learning!

 Don’t Take My Word For It: 

Wanted you to know that to encourage you and the fellow students that your program does work. I've really only been doing this (taking action) for just a handful of months and now have a total of 4 deals counting the traditional wholesale deals in less then a year! Using sandwich lease options as a runway to early financial freedom.




Hi Joe,


I want to let you know that I closed a traditional wholesale deal a few days ago.  I used your strategy and got the lead from a wholesaler.

She gave me the lead on July 25, 2017.  I closed the deal on September 7, 2017.  Which means from start to finish it was about 6 weeks.

It wasn't a huge payday.  But I'll take $3,500 for a few calls


Thanks for your help....................Roland

By the first week of September, my first house had 3 applications and folks capable of completing the deal.  Everything was finalized and I collected my first check for $5,000 by mid September.  All of this was possible because I listened to Joe every step of the way.  We were in touch multiple times a week and he quickly returned calls even when I would try contacting him at odd hours.  I just listened and didn’t try to reinvent something that already was worked for him.

John W

Western PA

I have learned so much from the book that I purchased from you and am very thankful. Since then I have been able to put 8 properties under contract in two weeks using your techniques taught in your ebook.


Western PA

I look forward to working with you and guiding you to your real estate dreams.

Joe Bodek


Real Estate Mentoring USA, LLC