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Review the programs below and be sure to contact me with any questions

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Before you move on I'd like to give you a short description of each mentoring program for those of you that may be new to the business

Included in the initial payment is one month of one-on-one mentoring and thereafter if you want to continue one-on-one mentoring the monthly cost is $49.00 which you can cancel at any time. You'll also receive access to the weekly Q&A sessions as well as the Tip For The Day videos.

Wholesaling: In this niche you will put  property under contract (usually low end) and flip that contract to a Cash buyer for an assignment fee.

The Ultimate Automated Lead Machine: In this niche you'll learn how to find, contact & work with the hundreds of thousands of Wholesalers out there to get their dead leads and turn them into cash deals. By far one of if not the best marketing methodology out there today.

Lease Options: In this niche you'll put the property under a lease option contract and either move ahead as a Sandwich Lease Option which will give you 3 paydays & create residual income or treat it as a Wholesale Lease Option and flip the contract to an end user.

The Hat Trick: Purchase all three products and become a Real Estate Transaction Engineer.

Program Combinations

Lease Option & Wholesaling Programs

Lease Option & Lead Machine Programs

Wholesaling & Lead Machine Programs

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